10 ways to eat more carrots!

10 ways to eat more carrots!

Eating more vegetables is always a good thing, right? And right now, we need YOUR help to reduce food waste.

You see, there’s a world-wide carrot oversupply, the likes of which has not been seen in at least 25 years, due to an unpredictable series of political and weather events.  You can read more about this here.

In a cruel irony, the carrots are currently super delicious, sweet and crunchy.

Our farmers are now faced with having to walk away from some carrots, ploughing them in, and that breaks our hearts.

How can you help?  PLEASE eat more Queensland carrots.

10 ways to add more carrots to every meal:

  1. Host a work morning tea / play date

Help get the word out about the current carrot-astrophe using one of the most powerful tools – FOOD!  A casual work morning tea or play date in the park with friends and of course make carrots the star of your catering!

Our handy Just Veg. carrots sticks and shred make this a snap to prepare, and healthy too!

Carrot sticks and hummus dip.

Carrot sticks and dip. Entertaining made easy!

If you want to step up your #plattergoals, try this for size: an epic entertaining platter featuring carrots 5 ways: Carrot chips, carrot fritters, carrot pickle, carrot meatballs and raw carrot sticks!

Carrot entertaining platter

Wow your friends with this entertaining platter – featuring carrots 5 ways!

  1. Veggie smuggling

If you’ve got fussy eaters, and even if you don’t, why not add extra carrot to your week-night faves?  Perfect addition to Spaghetti Bolognaise, Taco Mince and meatballs.

One-pot veg loaded chilli con carne

  1. Snacking

Do yourself a favour – don’t reach for the chocolate when you feel like a snack – chomp on a carrot!  You’ll be helping us and be healthier too.  Perfect for school, work, desktop dining

Desktop dining or snacking on the run, carrot sticks are a great option.

  1. Carrots for Breakfast?

Sure, why not? Try this delicious Easy Peasy Carrot Loaf recipe, which makes a perfect breakfast option served warm with generous lashings of butter.

Carrot Loaf

Easy Peasy Carrot Loaf

  1. Five work lunch wonders to save you time and money (and yes they have carrots in them)

Work lunches.  Desktop dining.  We all try to be good, but sometimes it’s hard to get inspired.  Before you know it you’re hangry and making lunch or snacking choices you soon regret.

Here’s five ideas to help with work lunches and snacks that meet our desktop dining criteria:

Easy  ✔

Quick ✔

Tasty ✔

Healthy ✔

For example, this Vietnamese Carrot Salad is ready in 10 minutes or under. You’ll love the amazing mix of sweet, salty, spicy and sour flavours. Ideal for entertaining or making ahead for work lunches or dinner sides. Add beef strips, chicken, tuna or your favourite protein to keep you fuller longer.

Just Veg Vietnamese Carrot Salad

✨DO YOU NEED WORK LUNCH INSPIRATION? ✨Is your desktop dining lacking? Here's five Work Lunch Wonders to save you time and money, including this delicious Vietnamese Carrot Salad: http://www.justveg.com.au/five-work-lunch-wonders-save-time-money/Don't forget to pick up your Just Veg carrot shred and sticks – availble only at Woolworths.

Posted by Just Veg. on Saturday, March 11, 2017

  1. Sweet treats

Have you tried Annie’s world famous Carrot Cake recipe?

Annie Rieck has been involved in carrot farming for more than 25 years. She’s always had plenty of carrots on hand to perfect this carrot cake recipe, which she first discovered this recipe in the Australian Women’s Weekly many years ago.

Over the years Annie has adapted the recipe and says the Just Veg. Carrot Shred is an easy and tasty way to boost the carrot content in the cake.

Annie’s famous carrot cake using Just Veg carrot shred.

 You can also try this Chocolate Carrot Cake – perfect for lunchboxes or these Carrot & Ginger Bliss Balls.  And if your feeling more adventurous – this traditional Indian dessert – Carrot Halwa


  1. Preserving – Pickled carrots

Help us out of our carrot pickle, by….pickling some carrots for yourself!

Here’s two recipes to try: Melanie Lionello’s Quick Pickled Carrots or Alison Alexander’s Pickled carrots with cumin

Quick pickle carrots by Melanie Lionello

Quick pickled carrots using Just Veg carrot shred.

  1. Salad days

The weather’s warming up which means it’s salad time!  You know what goes perfectly in salads?  You guessed it, CARROTS!

Here’s some of our favourites:

Chinese Chicken Salad with Asian Peanut Dressing

Vietnamese Carrot Salad

Moroccan Carrot Salad

Carrot Nourish Bowl

Chinese Chicken Salad with Asian Peanut Dressing

🥕10 WAYS TO ADD MORE CARROTS TO EVERY MEAL:🥕3: MAKE FRIENDS WITH SALADThe weather’s warming up which means it’s salad time! You know what goes perfectly in salads? You guessed it, CARROTS!Help avert the current CARROT-astrophe* with this amazing Chinese Chicken Salad created for us by RecipeTin.For more recipe ideas to head to: http://www.justveg.com.au/10-ways-eat-more-carrots/Just Veg is a range of carrot sticks and shred using perfectly imperfect carrots to help reduce food waste. They are available exclusively from Woolworths.*there's currently an over-supply of carrots in Australia and we need your help to reduce food waste. Find out more at http://www.justveg.com.au/10-ways-eat-more-carrots/

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  1. Carrot Juice

Juice is a great way to boost your carrot intake – and all the beta-carotene goodness that’s fabulous for healthy skin and eyes.

Some of our favourite combos are:

  • Carrot, Apple, Ginger
  • Carrot and Orange
  • And for the green juice fans: carrot, spinach, celery and lemon!

We love carrots – carrot juice made with Queensland carrots is a great way to boost your intake

  1. Pet Treats

Don’t forget your best friend can help out too!  We often receive photos from the parents of fur-babies proudly showing off their carrot loving pets.  Give them an extra carrot today and help us reduce food waste.

Why not treat your furry friends to an extra carrot or two? Even camels love them.

Bonus option: PICK YOUR OWN!

If you happen to live nearby, we are also hosting a PICK YOUR OWN day on Saturday October 7, come along and meet the farmers, sit in the tractors and pick your own carrots, helping us to reduce food waste.

carrot day 2017

Pick your own carrots and help us reduce food waste

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