The Farmers’ Wives

The Farmers’ Wives

Just Veg is a healthy food business that’s powered by farmers’ wives.
When our husbands needed a solution to their ugly vegetable problem they asked for our help.
We’re five professional women who fell in love with vegetable farmers. Between us we have six university degrees, 11 children and lots of jobs. When you’re married to a farmer you become the unofficial farm helper – the Swiss Army Wife if you will.
If there’s a random job that needs doing, it’s often the wife who’s asked to lend a hand.
Move the irrigator at midnight? ‘Sure honey.’
Drive into town and collect spare parts? ‘No worries darling.’
Whip up morning tea for 10 people with five minutes notice. ‘Not a problem love.’

So when our husbands announced they needed to solve the problem of wonky, damaged and ugly vegetables, we were happy to help.
In every paddock of vegetables there’s always a percentage (between 5 and 30%) that don’t look the way we want them to.
We call them the carrots that aren’t supermodels.
They may not look all tall, straight and Miranda Kerr-like but they’re still lovely carrots. Healthy, nutritious, sweet and delicious.
But until Just Veg. the plain Janes of the carrot world weren’t holding their own on the farm. They were going to low-value uses like cattle feed.

Enter the farmer’s wives. How, we wondered, can we find a home for the wonky carrots, solve the waste problem and help busy people stay healthy?
By taking the hard work out of vegetable prep, that’s how!
We’re busy working mums and we know that sometimes life just gets in the way of eating well.
If only there was an easy grab & go vegetable snack and meal option, we thought.
Hello Just Veg!
We recommended our husbands invest in a state-of-the-art facility to take the wonky veg where they could slice, shred and pack them into handy ready-to-eat vegetable snacks.
Carrot sticks (for those times you have to entertain 10 people with five minutes notice).
Carrot shred (perfect for Tuesday Tacos, hidden veg in the spag bol and a gorgeous Summer salad).
Handy carrot stick snack packs to throw in the school and work lunchboxes and silence the ‘hanger’ at 4pm.

We hope you enjoy our Just Veg. carrot snacks and thank you for your support. Together we can reduce food waste and give new life to the veggies that aren’t supermodels.

What vegetable should we tackle next? We’d love to hear from you.

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