Farm to Fork

Just Veg. is different to other product on the shelves because we control the whole farm to fork journey.

That means the product you take home is as fresh as it can be.

The  journey starts about 110 days before the carrots are harvested.


Farm to Fork Seed

We worked with seed breeders in Japan for more than six years to develop this carrot variety, specially suited to our sub-tropical climate in south-east Queensland.

The seeds are planted into raised soil beds in straight lines with plenty of room for each carrot to grow.

Water & Love

Farm to Fork Water and Love

A carrot takes about 110 days from planting to be ready for harvest. In that time we water the carrots regularly and ensure they receive plenty of care and nutrition.


Farm to Fork Harvest

We harvest the carrots mechanically by lifting them from the ground by their green tops. The carrots are taken to our washing factory, which we like to call ‘wet & wild for carrots’.

Washing & Cooling

Farm to Fork Washing

The carrots are washed soon after harvest to remove most of the dirt. They’re brought down to a low temperature to ensure they remain fresh and crunchy.

As the carrots make their way around the factory – via water flumes – the outer epidermal layer is brushed off and the skin polished. The carrots are sorted into different sizes by a vision grader and then they’re ready to be sliced and diced.

Cutting & Bagging

Farm to Fork Cutting and Bagging

The carrots are sliced into sticks and cut into shred in our high-care facility and then they’re ready to be packed into Just Veg bags.

The carrots are often in bags within a few hours of harvest.

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