Sandwiches are so last year when it comes to school lunches.

The summer holidays are over and while that means no more being official activity coordinator (yay!), it also means it’s time to return to the daily lunchbox challenge. (boo.)

As in, challenge to pack something the kids will actually eat!

Cheese sandwiches and a piece of fruit just doesn’t cut it anymore.

But we’re not saying you need to go the full lunchbox Ninja mum and turn sliced bread into works of art.

If you’re anything like us (Just Veg. is powered by a group of working mums who dread the lunchbox grind) you want quick, simple ideas to fill their school lunchboxes with easy, nutritious food.

So here goes – Eight Seriously Simple Lunchbox Ideas the kids will love.

Carrot & Cream Cheese Pinwheels

Looks hard. It’s not. Seriously. You’ll be the talk of the playground when the kids see these in your child’s lunchbox. Wrap + cream cheese + Just Veg. Carrot Shred = genius.

Perfect for an afternoon snack or to pop in lunchboxes!

Easy, Peasy Carrot Loaf

Is it cake, is it bread, is it filling and delicious? Oh yes it is. Move over banana bread, we got this. This recipe has become an office favourite at Just Veg. It takes less than 10-minutes to whip together and 45 minutes to cook. Boost the kids’ veggie intake without a fight. They will love it. You will love it too. Promise. It’s freezer friendly too. #bonus


easy peasy carrot loaf

It’s easy, delicious and packed with hidden veg. The easy peasy carrot loaf is a #winner.

Carrot Sticks & Hummus

An oldie but a goodie. We get it, some mornings you just need a grab’n’go lunchbox. Now you can do it without the guilt. Our Carrot Stick Multipack features five, perfectly portioned serves of healthy Carrot Sticks – one for each day of the week. Add your favourite dip (we love hummus) and boom, Munch & Crunch, Brainfood snack., or whatever your school calls it, is sorted.

Our convenient multi-pack is the perfect lunchbox addition.

Bacon & Carrot Quiche

Here’s a twist on an old faithful. This quiche recipe is super easy and delicious because the carrot (hello hidden veg) adds a subtle sweetness to the mix. Don’t want the pastry? Leave it out and let’s call it a frittata!

Bacon and Carrot Quiche using Just Veg. carrot shred.

Carrot & Corn Bakes

You don’t need us to tell you the best way to get the kids to eat their lunch is to let them make it. Well here’s a recipe you can let them loose on with great results. Quick and easy (are you seeing the trend here?) these bakes are at home in the lunchbox, or on the arvo snacking table.

Amelia’s Mighty Muffins

Amelia is one of our Just Veg. customers and she shared her Carrot Muffin recipe with us. It combines our Just Veg. grated carrot with rhubarb. It’s a winning combination. Make two batches – one for lunchboxes and one for ‘taste testing’.

Carrot and Rhubarb Muffins

Carrot and Rhubarb Muffins.

Fat Mum Slim’s Super Easy Carrot & Zucchini Slice

Fat Mum Slim blogger, Chantelle Ellem, visited the Just Veg. carrot farm recently with her gorgeous family. We showered them in carroty love and Chantelle went home to cook up a carrot storm. This Carrot & Zucchini Slice is a winner. Oh and did we mention it’s easy? Don’t take our word for it, try it!

Chantelle Ellem’s Carrot and Zucchini Slice.

Thai Chicken & Carrot Meatballs

Up your snacking game with these versatile Chicken & Carrot Thai-style meatballs. The best bit? They take 10-minutes to prep! Not keen on chicken, our mini-meatballs are a tried and tested favourite.

Yummy thai style chicken meatballs. Pass the sweet chilli sauce!

BONUS idea: It’s a Wrap. A carrot & whatever you have in the fridge wrap!

It’s like a sandwich but wrapped. And better. Get the kids involved and load your favourite wrap with all the good stuff. Just Veg. Shredded Carrot, cheese, ham, lettuce, mayo, tomato sauce, avo – whatever you have in the fridge.

Fill, roll, cut, eat. Easy.

It’s a wrap. Easy, fast and not a sandwich.

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